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Social Media isn’t about creating a great brand. Its about acting you already have one.


Social Media Presence & Strategy

Your business doesn’t have a choice on whether to do Social Media, the question is how well you do it?

With Facebook currently holding over 1.06 billion active users and Twitter over 883 million registered accounts, social media holds a great potential for businesses to be seen by potential customers, if they play their cards right.

With so many available options – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest (to name a few) – it is important that a strategy and business case is prepared before taking the leap into social media. We select the tools that complement your business case before using them. Questions we ask: Do you have the resources to implement and maintain a campaign? What are your goals? How will we achieve these goals? What are the associative costs? (and so many more!)

­ 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing just 6 hours per week on social media.


Social Media Listening & Monitoring

The ultimate goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.

Social media embody the power of WOM (word of mouth) and exercise the golden rule of public relations. You can say you provide the best service and products all you want, but it’s not until someone else says “Hey, they have great stuff!” that people really pay attention. The idea of social media is to gather an audience, engage with others and share what you have to offer. Successful social media campaigns can be extremely beneficial in regards to company image and ROI.

Once you have established your territory you need to defend your position. We will equip you with everything you need for sustainable social media management. With our long term content planning, campaigns and customer service strategies we will establish your brand as a market leader!


Social Media content creation

Like this. Tweet that. Link what? Lost? Don’t worry…we’ve got your back. Be relevant by doing interesting things that people want to share, like, and comment on.

We are storytellers at heart. We craft a story and strategy that connects your brand to your customers and clients. We foster that relationship to build and grow your brand story into deeper relationships with your clients.

The arrival of social media has provided businesses with the channels to publish their own content. Our content marketing strategy process identifies how content should be developed, used and published. We identify the specific content themes you are best equipped to own which will help make you a ‘go-to’ resource.


Social Media Training

Learning how to use social media is now a highly desirable skill set. With social media training program, you’ll walk away with all the skills you require to navigate social media safely.

The amount of time and effort being invested in Social Media initiatives is growing exponentially. However, as is the case in any business, time is money. Streamlining your business processes and developing the skills of your employees in Social Media engagement can mean the difference between a positive or negative return on your Social Media expenditure.

Our Social Media Training Programs leverage the experience we have gained through working with front-line staff and senior management in developing social media strategies and tactical implementation initiatives. You can choose from either our half day Social Media Introduction or full day Social Media Advanced course…or we can tailor a Custom Social Media training program to suit your particular situation.


Paid Social Media Campaigns

With Facebook ads for example, you can expect engagement levels of between 1% and 3%, far greater than you would expect from an alternative paid advertising channel like the Google Display Network.

Advertising is a sure-fire solution to cut through the masses of information that are on the Internet, getting the right content in front of the right people, making the market aware of your services and products. At Inspiworks we specialise in developing social media content for the purpose of advertising, taking into account not just the message you want people to see but also the context of how people will consume your content. With this knowledge we build social media content optimised for awareness and campaign support that is unique to each channel.


Conversion Analytics

There’s no point in investing time and money if you can’t track the conversions & profitability from it.

Measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns with our social media analytics solutions. Clicks and followers don’t indicate the business value of a social media campaign. Our solutions help you understand how your campaigns affect social conversations and how those conversations translate into real business value.

We demonstrate how social media marketing complements your traditional marketing efforts. Therefore, make fact-based decisions to increase social media marketing return on investment with better social media analytics.

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